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Lines of Inquiry - 14th March, 2011

Today, we discussed the lines of inquiry related to the central idea. We first began with discussions in our respective groups, reflected on the most appropriate line of inquiry and then shared it with the whole class. Everyone was very enthusiastic and excited to share their opinions, which added to the high noise level. After lots and lots of brainstorming and exchange of ideas, we arrived at the final lines of inquiry for the eight key concepts. We are very pleased with the work done by us today and are now looking forward to our research work.

So, here they go...


Conserving and using finite resources efficiently can contribute to a clean and green future.

  • the different kinds of finite resources (FORM)
  • the need for finite resources (FUNCTION)
  • the reasons for the depletion of finite resources (CAUSATION)
  • the relationship between the use of finite resources and the environment (CONNECTION)
  • the ways the use of finite resources have changed over time (CHANGE)
  • the different points of view on the use and conservation of finite resources (PERSPECTIVE)
  • the evidences of a clean and green future (REFLECTION)
  • our contribution towards a clean and green future (RESPONSIBILITY)
Anshika Singh and Ayati Mehta
'Dusk to Dawn'

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