Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mother-In-Love - A Tribute to my Mother-In-Law, A Gift for my Daughters-In-Law

This is a humble tribute of a Bengali daughter-in-law to a wonderful, extraordinary and often impossible mother-in-law. I have always believed in developing relationships. But this is the best relationship that I have been blessed to have. My bonding with and love for my mother-in-law (Ma) defies description. Even forty-four years after her death, her memory moves me to tears. Whenever I am in a tight spot, I get inspiration from the memory of her life and ideals by challenging the situation I’m in and invariably emerge from it successfully.

The best I can do to pass on the legacy of the wonderful women who helped me understand my place in the world is to gift it to the future generations - of daughters, wives, and mothers-in-law.

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